Finer Grinding


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     Finer Grinding

Value add key points from enrichment plants which changed grinding balls to our cylpebs:

Cost saving solution:

-slower rotation speed of mill
-decreased electricity consumption
-excellent price / value ratio comparing to other grinding media

Finer grinding:

-more efficient extraction of different ores leads to more accurate recovery of by-products
-quicker grinding process

Changing balls to cylpebs is simple, comfortable and easy; cylpebs can be fed instead of balls. Advantages starts to appear when cylpebs replaces balls in the mill. Changing balls to cylpebs does not affect to the grinding process or production.

Let us introduce Rikaste cylpebs to you.

Our cylpebs are made from cast iron. 

Cylpebs have equal length and diameter,

and the shape is slightly tapered and cylindrical.

They are used in the mineral processing industry for wet and dry mineral grinding.

Advantages of using cylpebs instead of grinding balls.

Cost saving solution for finer grinding:

Cylpebs have approx. 14% greater surface area than balls of equal weight, which affects the grinding result.  Greater surface area combined to density delivers 25% greater grinding capacity in ordinary mill charge.  Cylpebs bulk density is 9% higher than steel balls  and 12% cast balls.The greater surface-to-surface contact with cylpebs grinding is more intense than balls. Also there is less media-to-media impact with cylpebs which has been proven to increase recovery. More gentle grinding process because of large grinding surface without impacts is key for better side ore recovery. 

Rikaste cylpebs shape is cylindrical and slightly tapered. Hardness remains similar throughout the whole cylpebs. Because of equal hardness and unique form, shape retention is better than balls for the entire grinding life of cylpebs.

Environmental friendly solution:

The above mentioned facts also influence mill rotation speed.   Mill speed can be reduced when grinding with cylpebs.  Lowering the mill rotation speed reduces energy consumption. According to feedback from our customers, and also according to factory testing, average decrease of energy consumption is 2-3%.

Volumetrically and consumption remains in similar level with balls.

More efficiency grinding process:

Optimal filling of a mill is an homogenous mass which consists of grinding media and feed material with minimal voids.
Typically mills are filled up with equal size and diameter grinding media but particle size of feed material varies significantly. The shape and form of cylpebs creates lower void space than balls. This means higher filling rate and also higher throughput and reduced retention time in the mill.

Longer lifetime for your mill lining:

Optimal filling rate, reduced speed of mill rotation, and unique form and shape of cylpebs affect to the consumption of mill linings. The grinding process with cylpebs increase the life time of metal and rubber linings.

Our standard stock sizes are (mm):

12 x 12            16 x 16           18 x 18            25 x 25            35 x 35

We have made various customized cylpebs for our clients. Based on the customer needs we can customize cylpebs consistency and size starting from 8 x 8.

We will provide our technical support and know-how to you throughout the whole process, starting from trials and ending with full utilization of Rikaste cylpebs as your primary grinding media.

Please contact us and let’s get started for finer grinding!