Testing of different types of grinding media

    Finer Grinding

Testing by GTK Mintec.
We cooperate with Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), please read more
For Us it is important that our products meet up with the requirements set by our customers.
For this purpose we have co-operation with GTK.
GTK is a leading European competence centre on assessment and sustainable use of geological resources. GTK Mintec, a high class independent laboratory and testing facility, has years of experience in mineral processing including comminution studies.
The grinding tests can be done with customer’s ore and our grinding media, cylpebs or balls. GTK Mintec has various mills for testing. As a result customer gets independent report of the test results.
Using customer’s ore and mill type similar to customers, testing process simulation is as realistic as it can be in laboratory circumstances compared to customers real grinding process. Advantage is that tests can be done without any affect to customer grinding process in enrichment plant, comparing to tests done in customer’s own facilities.